Biuletyn 2 – Phase 2 Final Entry Individual – NEW

By | 2024-05-28

The Bulletin 2.1 & FEF INDIVIDUAL are available now.
Phase 2 – New information
As the Organizers we asked CIAM Bureau for consent to implement the phase 2 regarding the possibility of inviting additional individual competitors to participate in our European Championships. (acc. to CIAM General Rules 2024 Edition, Section 4 – Aeromodelling item C.5.3.). We have got the CIAM Bureau approval.
The Organizers decided to invite two (2) additional competitors for each of the registered (based on the Final Entries) countries to participate in the championships organized by us.
The detail information and rules in the Buletin 2.1.

For downloading Bulletin 2.1 do use the link:
For downloading Final Entry Form Individual (PEF_INDIV) do use the link:   

Contest Director Marek DOMINIAK